Parents FAQ's


Are you Licensed and Board Certified in Pediatrics? Does Dr. Searcy have any areas of special interest or expertise?

Yes. Dr. Searcy is licensed to practice medicine in the state of Ohio and is Board Certified by the American Board of Pediatrics. He has been practicing medicine for over 20 years. Dr. Searcy also has some areas of additional training and interest. Some of them are listed in the brochure and we would be happy to talk with you more about them during your visit.

Will the doctor come to see my baby in the hospital?

When your baby is  delivered Dr. Searcy will be happy to see your baby once he or she has left the hospital for all their well baby needs. Simply tell your obstetrician that we will be seeing your new baby after you leave the hospital. They will provide a pediatrician to see your baby for the  days that they are in the hospital. Please bring any hospital discharge papers to your first visit.


How soon after we leave the hospital will we need to come to the office? And how often thereafter?

We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for routine well baby care. Your first visit will be between 2-4 days after discharge from the hospital. The next visits will be at 2 weeks, 1-2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, and one year.


How do you feel about vaccines?

We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics and American Committee on Immunization Practices for all recommended vaccines. We are happy to discuss any specific concerns you may have with individual vaccines as well.


How do you feel about antibiotics?

Dr. Searcy agrees with the Centers for Disease Control which state that antibiotics are powerful medicines that work well for bacterial infections but need to be used judiciously. We do prescribe antibiotics for such things as ear infections, urinary infections and strep throat. We always see a child first before prescribing antibiotics to make sure that we are treating the right illness and not using them for a virus where they would have no effect. There is a growing problem with antibiotic resistance in certain bacteria and we are doing our part to not overuse antibiotics. If a child becomes very sick we want the medicines to work.


Can I see you the same day for sick visits?

Yes. We can usually see patients the same day for sick or urgent requests.


Is there a pediatrician available by phone 24 hours a day?

Yes. There is a pediatrician on call all day, every day. If you call during office hours a message will be given to Dr. Searcy and he will return your call. At night please call the office at (614) 776-1200, at the end of the office voicemail message there will be a number for you to call to speak with Dr. Searcy. Please use the number provided for Dr. Searcy if your call is urgent and cannot wait until the next business day. (If you leave a message on the office voicemail after hours your call will not be returned until the next business day.) The number provided is for a cell phone that Dr. Searcy carries with him at all times. If you call this number and you hear a voicemail please leave a detailed message with your name, the patient’s name, and your phone number and he will return your call. If your call is a medical emergency please call 911.


Do you share call with any other doctors?

No. The only time another doctor would be on call for us is if Dr. Searcy were away on vacation, sick, or for an emergency. It would be a very rare occasion that this would happen.


If my child had to be admitted to the hospital where would he or she go?

Almost all of our patients are sent to Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus.


How do I go about choosing you as my pediatrician?

You can call us to schedule an appointment for your child and when you come in for that appointment you will fill out the neccessary paperwork including a medical records transfer form. 

For new parents filling out the paperwork while you are here is helpful but does not obligate you to choose us. It is also helpful for you to let us know that you have chosen Searcy Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine (while here for your prenatal visit or by phone afterwards) so that we can help you with additional forms and insurance papers. The final decision, however, comes when you are at the hospital to deliver your baby and they ask you who your pediatrician is. When you give them Dr. Searcy’s name the hospital will call us and that sets everything in motion.

We hope that this has answered many of your questions but, as your child will show you, there are always new things to learn! Please call us at (614) 776-1200 if you have any other questions.